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UN Secretary General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

Nairobi, Kenya, January 8th, 2019.

Business Case:


The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation’s mandate is to device ways and means to strengthen digital cooperation across sectors, disciplines and borders to address shared challenges in the digital age.


The digital focus areas being addressed include values and principles, methods and mechanisms and illustrative action areas limited to inclusive development and capacity building, participation in the digital economy, data and security.


Select individual organizations and governments from around the world are actively participating with regular virtual online sessions and in conferences in select Cities.

Our Approach:

EITI is amongst a list of organizations working on a collaborative joint project to provide valuable inputs to the UN Secretary  General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. 


Project concluded mid-2019 with the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation compiling a comprehensive report on findings and recommendations based on inputs from various stakeholders and participating firms.


EITI provided its inputs with focus on shared digital experiences to the wider global marketplace.

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