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EITI digitizes Planning Monitoring and Learning lifecycle processes for the ProCap and GenCap humanitarian programs for NRC

16th January 2023

In June 2022, NRC, NORCAP and United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UN OCHA, in collaboration with EITI, a Digital for Development and ICT Consulting Firm engaged in a project to digitize and automate all core ProCap and GenCap humanitarian program life cycle processes, workflows, knowledge management, planning, monitoring and reporting functions.


The ProCap GenCap Planning, Monitoring & Learning (PML) System consolidates and aggregates information from the NRC, NORCAP ProCap and GenCap humanitarian programs and organizes it in a manner that allows efficient data access, monitoring and reporting.


This was to ensure that the GenCap and ProCap life cycle processes are structured and operate in an optimal manner with all data coordinated and stored in a central repository to ensure seamless planning, monitoring and reporting on both ProCap and GenCap processes, with an overall aim of enhancing the NRC – UN OCHA GenCap and ProCap humanitarian operations.


The ProCap GenCap Planning, Monitoring and Learning (PML) system has been developed by EITI and is due to go into production in January 2023.

WHO AFRO Innovation Challenge 2022

April 20th 2022 

wHO logo.png

In April 2022, EITI was selected by WHO ARFO to design and implement the 2022 African Innovation Challenge with the goal of identifying promising health innovations that can be scaled through investment and integration into relevant manufacturing value-chains.


The Innovation Challenge is focused exclusively on R&D taking place in Africa and conducted by African researchers with the goal of creating more visibility for African research, especially health research, and ensuring equitable representation of African scientific products in the global arena.


EITI role in the Innovation Challenge is to create an ecosystem that will effectively engage African scientific community through a comprehensive and thorough outreach campaign relying on both mass media and professional scientific networks. At the center of the ecosystem will be a digital platform through which WHO AFRO with the support from EITI will launch a conversation about health-sector innovations in Africa, receive proposals for evaluation, engage experts in assessing the potential of submitted innovations, showcase important developments in health science in Africa, and recognize and support innovative product offerings.


Microsoft Technology for Social Impact Team partners with EITI

March 3rd, 2021, Nairobi, Kenya

EITI is now actively in collaboration with the Microsoft Technology for Social Impact Team in Eastern and Southern Africa in advancing Non-Profits mission in the region to leverage technology to boost their programs and operations.


By working with this new Microsoft Team, EITI will be contributing to building the kind of robust ecosystem that today works so well for businesses, to help Non-Profits move to the cloud and provide the technology operational support that Non-Profits need.


In partnership with EITI, the initial focus for Non-Profits under this collaboration will be Kenya, with plans to expand to other regions in Sub-Sahara Africa with time.

UNOPS Procurement Training for EITI staff

September 14th 2020, Nairobi, Kenya


EITI business development staff have undergone and completed the “Doing Business with UNOPS” training.


United Nations Office for Project Services, UNOPS,  is an operational arm of the United Nations that helps the UN and its partners provide peace and security, humanitarian and development solutions.


The training objectives were to improve the knowledge of suppliers on how to do business with UNOPS, including expectations on sustainability and ethics, with the overall aim of enhancing procurement outcomes through competition, transparency and value for money.


EITI staff did realize value in understanding better UNOPS core mission and vision, how  UNOPS procures, the processes and protocols. The training also focused on why ethical behavior is important for UNOPS and the consequences for vendors that engage in proscribed practices such as fraud, collusion and unethical practices.


The training also helped to foster an understanding of UNOPS’ approach to sustainability, including UNOPS Sustainable Procurement Framework.

E-Commerce Forum for SMEs

May 20th  2020, Jo’burg, South Africa


EITI is participating in a series of Zoom webinars organized by the University of Johannesburg School of Business, JBS, on a range of subjects pertaining to  e-Commerce for SMEs.


At the last session held on May 20th 2020 key panelists included Ian McCoy of the Johannesburg Business School, JBS, Alastair Tempest, eCommerce Forum SA,  Dr. Adheesh Budree, University of Cape Town, Ms. Mochaka Mosehana of the Africa Entrepreneurship Academy, Bram Ayoo, EITI and a host of SME representatives from Johannesburg and eCommerce technical experts.


Exchanges centered on the need to go online, the various e-Commerce platforms in the market that SMEs could leverage and key factors for online e-Commerce success and sustainability for SMEs.


EITI plans to continue to share its online e-Commerce experiences and technical expertise on this and other related forums in the  Eastern and Southern African region.

UNICEF to work with EITI to co-facilitate in Microsoft Power BI Training 

March 4th 2020  Nairobi, Kenya


As a follow-up to EITI providing the Microsoft Power BI training for UNICEF select staff from the Eastern and Southern Africa Region, ESARO, last year, 2019, EITI has signed another institutional contract with UNICEF to provide follow-on Microsoft Power BI training facilitation services for March 2020.

EITI will tailor design the training to conform to UNICEF’s requirements and predicated on UNICEF’s data. UNICEF will be liaising directly with EITI to ensure seamless training experience for the participants.


The training sessions are due to commence by March 23rd 2020.

Microsoft Azure.png

EITI secures contract to provide Microsoft Administrator Training for MS Azure, MS Office and Skype for Business. 

January 23rd 2020, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.​

EITI is pleased to announce a new contract with the African Union Commission to provide Administrator level training for the following Microsoft suite of products -  MS Azure, MS Office and Skype for Business. The training will be conducted in Addis Ababa Ethiopia by EITI Microsoft Certified Consultants, led by EITI CTO.


The African Union Commission Headquarters is expanding its use of Microsoft Back Office products suite and EITI is pleased to be in the forefront of assisting the Organization harness the full potential of the Microsoft suite of Office products at the Commissions disposal.


The training sessions will be running for a couple of weeks begin Feb 2020 and coordinated by the Business Unit Head at the Commissions Office and the AUC Training Department. 

EITI and Accenture to Collaborate on Strategy Engagements in Sub-Sahara Africa 

November 18th 2019, Nairobi, Kenya.


Accenture and EITI have agreed in principal to work together and collaborate in pursuing  strategy project engagements in Sub-Sahara Africa.


The scope of the collaboration includes prospecting for key engagements in the region, qualifying leads, developing joint-account plans for strategic clients, joint bids on proposals and closing on strategy project engagements.


The partnership will enable both Accenture and EITI expand reach in gaining market share and credibility in working on major strategy engagements in the Sub-Sahara Africa region.

EITI to work with the African Union, AU,  Department of Digital Trade in the 2nd AU,  e-Commerce Conference. 

October 15th - 17th 2019, Dakar, Senegal.


EITI as ICT consulting and digital for development firm will be playing a key role in the 2nd AU e-commerce Conference scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 17th of October 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. EITI represented by its senior Consultants will be moderating as one of the Panelists during the Session on: "Data and ID as catalysts of digital trade and digital economy".


The 2nd AU E-commerce Conference aims to discuss and share knowledge on recent developments in e-commerce, digital trade and digital economy and the implications for Africa in particular following the entry into force of the AfCFTA and the launch of its operational phase The Conference will also review the status of the development of the Draft Digital Trade and Digital Economy Development Strategy and discuss key elements of the said Strategy, focusing on the findings of the situational analysis commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry.


The Conference will be followed by a consultative meeting on the AU Digital Trade and Digital Economy Strategy which is being developed.


EITI as a firm is privileged to be working with the African Union Department of Digital Trade in this 2nd Annual e-Commerce Conference.

EITI signs an Institutional Contract with UNICEF to co-facilitate in Power BI Training

August 16th 2019 Nairobi, Kenya


EITI has signed an institutional contract with UNICEF to co-facilitate in providing Power BI Training for UNICEF ESARO senior staff.  These include senior Directors and Managers from UNICEF ESARO region.

The Power BI Training that EITI will provide is tailored based on UNICEF needs. EITI will be providing training on PowerBI from the foundational basics to the actual interactive usage of the tool, creating, authoring, publishing and sharing of the reports.

UNICEF’s senior manager has welcomed EITI and looks forward to interactive training sessions. 

EITI plans to tailor the Power BI training predicated on actual UNICEF data. The sessions commence on August 26th 2019.

The Digital Talk - Connecting Through Knowledge

July 9th 2019, Nairobi, Kenya.


The digital talk, titled “Connecting through knowledge” was done by Stine Moons of Antwerp University who presented her research on how the use of evaluation evidence in policy for development cooperation can be improved, considering the factors that have an effect on this and how they are connected.

Moons carried out the research using a systems design perspective.

Moons began her presentation by outlining the steps that she took in her research, which were:

  1. Mapping the system and systemic objectives,

  2. Defining the leverage points,

  3. Developing an interaction model between the points in the system,

  4. Creating a solution framework.

As per the results of a research, one of her primary recommendations was the development of an “Online Platform” for the Belgian Development Agency, where all parties carrying out research on behalf of the Belgian Development agency can be able to upload their evaluation reports. On searching the Online Platform, all the uploaded reports would be listed and ranked through recommendations, giving priority to different levels of recommendations (highly ranked viewers’ recommendations given more weight). To locate reports fitting certain criteria there would be filters available so that users do not have to browse through lots of reports.

Moons also suggested that there exists a lot of individual expertise but it is not shared enough and thus does not build up institutional knowledge. Therefore, to overcome this, she proposed a different subsystem that would contain profiles of the users of the Online Platform, listing their expertise, field(s) of interest and bios. This subsystem would have a function that links profiles of similar interests and expertise for better interaction and dissemination of knowledge.

She also suggested the need for an organizational culture that supports and drives the learning process. She proposed that questions posed at intervention level be answered through peer review and experts at the Belgian Development Agency. Moons also proposed a yearly workshop in which different evaluations with similar recommendations are connected and discussed.

The Online Platform is thus designed to increase the dissemination of the evaluation reports, and through better access to these reports and peer and expert support, make the gathering of knowledge easier and building up institutional knowledge.

 EITI was represented at the Enabel Digital Talk by Rushahb Shah.

EITI at the Africa eCommerce Week 

December 10-14th 2018. Nairobi, Kenya

EITI Strategy and ICT Consultants participated actively in the Africa eCommerce Week  jointly organized with the African Union, UNCTAD and the European Union. The event was hosted by the Government of Kenya and implemented in collaboration with partners of the eTrade for all initiative.  The President of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, officially opened the sessions.

Under the theme "Empowering African Economies in the Digital Era"EITI Management Consultants contributed in shaping the dialogue that enhance the ability of African countries to engage in and benefit from e-commerce and the evolving digital economy. Key topical areas analyzed included, ICT Infrastructure, legal framework, compliance, logistics and skills development

In attendance were government Ministers, other senior government representatives, the private sector, civil society and international organizations for a week-long dialogue to identify innovative ways for shaping the African digital economy. 

EITI as a firm will continue to provide key inputs from a ICT Consulting perspective to key sectors in the Public and NGO domain, to help in the implementation of digital initiatives in Sub-Sahara Africa.

UAE – Kenya Trade Mission and Investment forum 

December 10-11th 2018. Nairobi, Kenya

EITI ICT Consultants attended the UAE – Kenya Trade Mission and Investment forum organized by The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). HE Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Governor of Nairobi City County Government took the stage to commend the growing relations between Kenya and UAE.

EITI was present to develop key partnerships and build sustainable relationships with both UAE and Kenyan institutions. We were able to achieve this because of the bilateral business meetings after the conference. EITI as a firm will continue to build key partnerships to increase the scope of projects and expertise in the multiple services it provides.

The forum was attended by HE Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the SCCI, other representatives SCCI, as well as a number of businesspeople and investors from Sharjah. The mission was held in coordination with the UAE embassies in Kenya, and in cooperation with Dubai Consultancy, as well as with a partnership with the Federation Of U.A.E Chambers. Finally, there were a number of panellists from KenInvest and Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI).

The Digital Talk - The Brussels Binder

October 25th 2018, Nairobi, Kenya.


EITI was invited to participate in the Digital Talk and was represented by Chandni Shah, Marketing, Communications & Branding Manager for EITI.  


The Digital Talk will be looking at possible outreach in Sub-Sahara Africa, for which EITI will be working with the relevant authorities to facilitate.

The main topic talked about was the ‘The Brussel Binder’ - a free online data base for female experts. - Where females can register themselves, and their profession and other people can find them.

EITI at the ICT Connect Kenya Golf Tournament

October 22nd 2018, Karen Golf Club.

EITI was represented by Bram Ayoo, Director, Business Development at the Annual ICT Connect Kenya Golf tournament held at the Karen Country Golf Club.


The golf tournament drew a cross representation of golfers from various business representatives in Kenya and had international representation as well. 


In attendance and also playing were the ICT Cabinet Secretary for Kenya and Rwanda, as well as their Principle Secretaries.


EITI, through its representation was the Overall Winner of the tournament.

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