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The EITI - CodeJika Project

The EITI-CodeJika Program

March 30th 2019, Nairobi, Kenya

EITI Africa is engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program in partnership with CodeJika, based in South Africa, the EITI-CodeJika Program. The program’s mandate is to introduce secondary students in key schools in Kenya to Computer Coding and to nurture and harness these skills through progressive coding sessions and related activities. This program is already running in South Africa through services by CodeJika and its glad to note that its now rolled out in Kenya, as well, through a partnership with EITI Africa.

In this regard, the EITI Africa Team held a Coding Class session at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya on Sat. March 30th attended by 30 interested students who were put through the basic fundamentals of web programming and had interactive hands-on sessions to build their own web programs.

The EITI-CodeJika Program, plans to run through each year with additional Schools participating. Plans are in place to enroll more students, progressively develop, nurture their computer coding skills  and create coding leagues.

The EITI-CodeJika Partnership

December 14th 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

EITI Africa in Partnership with CodeForChange, South Africa.

EITI Africa’s technology philanthropy division has partnered with CODE FOR CHANGE , South Africa to implement the CodeJika Program in Kenya. This is part of EITI Africa’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs in the region.

CODE FOR CHANGE primary focus is in bringing “Coding into Secondary Schools.” Launched in early 2009 as a hands-on IT Training project, it has grown and is seen as the early-mover and leading innovator in ICT Training ventures for youth in South Africa, and soon to be in Kenya.

CodeJika is an interactive online programming tool that runs online/offline via desktop pc’s, laptops and on digital smartphones to guide the Youth on fundamentals of Computer coding.

CODE FOR CHANGE through EITI Africa will be implementing the program in Kenya, initially on a pilot in Q1 2019 and to scale up in  subsequent phases.

EITI Africa, will manage the program in Kenya and can be reached at for more information about the program.

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