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Business Intelligence Online Virtual Training for UNICEF Kenya Country Office

September 7th 2020

Business Case:


The UNICEF Kenya Country Office  seeks to upskill their Program Officers, Operational Managers and GS Admin staff with advanced Program Analytics and Reporting skills. To this end, the Office have contracted EITI to develop a comprehensive online virtual digital Business Intelligence, BI, training for their Program Officers, Operational Officers and GS Admin Staff.

This training is to run through Q3 2020 and its to be administered virtually.

Our Approach:

EITI is working with the UNICEF Kenya Country Office to tailor design a customized Business Intelligence training package with utilization of UNICEF core data.  EITI Consultants are executing on the training assignment following the following steps:​

  • Identifying training needs. 

  • Defining the core training content, program structure and outcomes.

  • Defining training data on target performance indicators.

  • Developing training curriculum.

  • Compiling training manuals.

  • Implementing Power BI Digital online-virtual training.

  • Monitoring training for quality assurance.

  • Conducting training post-evaluation.


At the end of the training program, EITI plans to ensure that the UNICEF Kenya Country Office Program Officers, Operational Managers and GS Admin Staff do have adequate skills to utilize digital tools to facilitate seamless KCO Program Analytics and Reporting.

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