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EITI Strategy and ICT Consulting

Geneva, Switzerland , February 18th, 2019


EITI Signs a Long-Term, three(3) year, Agreement for Services (LTA-S), with a key International Inter-Governmental Organization to perform Strategy and Training Facilitation Services

EITI Strategy and ICT Consulting Practice has entered into a long-term agreement for services (LTA-S) to provide Strategy and Training Facilitation to the leading key Inter-Governmental Organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland to facilitate and augment its ongoing operations globally.

EITI has represented that it possesses and through the term of the LTA-S will continue to possess the requisite knowledge, skill, personnel, resources and experience and that it is, and throughout the term of the LTA-S will continue to be, fully qualified, ready, willing, and able to provide the Services and Deliverables in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the LTA-S and each Contract for Services issued under the LTA-S and the Inter-Governmental Organization, in subject, has relied on those representations in entering into the LTA-S.

As per Bram Ayoo, the EITI, Executive Director, ‘it did in fact take EITI Africa close to a year to complete through all the mandatory assessment and evaluation phases and arrive at a workable formula with the Inter-Governmental Organization. We are all pleased that we get the prime opportunity to work together and realize value in services that our EITI Africa Management Consultants will offer.'

EITI ICT Consulting Practice will staff the required technical resources to service the contract during its tenure.

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