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Digital Inclusion & Connectivity Thematic Deep Dive

March 2023

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EITI as a firm is contributing to deliberations in the on-going Thematic Deep Dive Digital Inclusion and Connectivity in partnership with the Office of the Envoy on Technology as part of the Global Digital Compact. The deep dives aim to share knowledge and views, as well as, allowing for contributions on a wide range of digital issues. Key areas for deliberations Include -

How can governments, international organizations, private companies, and civil society work together to close the digital divide and improve access, skills, and meaningful connectivity for all?

What actions should be taken to enable digital inclusion for all?

What policies, frameworks and programs have proven to be most successful and should be scaled up and adapted to other contexts to foster digital inclusion?

EITI will continue to collaborate with the UN Office of Technology and in partnership with the private sector, governments, academia and affiliate organizations in unlocking opportunities for digital inclusion, meaningful connectivity and to mainstream best practices and foster knowledge sharing in this context.

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