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African Union, AUC, Microsoft 365 Admin and Azure IT Staff Training

7th to 21st Dec 2020

Business Case:


In pursuit of its mandate to ensure the best quality of service for IT support, the AUC sought to secure the services of EITI to conduct comprehensive Microsoft 365 and Azure Administration training to its technical staff. The Microsoft 365 and Azure trainings being offered by EITI run from 7th of Dec 2020.

The current African Union, AUC, mail and Microsoft office back-end system is a hybrid (a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure) with all regional office staff accounts and a significant number of staff accounts from the headquarter hosted on the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Hence, it is only essential to train staff who operate it to effectively support staff and therefore meet the overall objectives of the organization.

The key justifications for the Microsoft 365 and Azure Administration training are to:

  • Enhance technical staff capacity to effectively manage and support Microsoft Back-Office enterprise software and devices.

  • Enhance and improve the communication infrastructure and efficient provisioning of services.

Our Approach:

This is a highly hands-on and technical training and EITI is working closely with the AUC IT Department to tailor and custom design a workable training program. Key tasks include:

  • Provisioning of Microsoft 365 training tenants.

  • Setup of training DNS domains for Microsoft 365

  • Setting up of Microsoft 365 training accounts for participants.

  • Acquiring Azure credits for training purposes

  • Developing training course agendas for Microsoft 365 and Azure Administration

  • Developing training curriculum for Microsoft 365 and Azure Administration

  • Conducting interacting hands-on training sessions

  • Performing of evaluations post-training


The net effect of execution of the training program by EITI is to ensure that the AUC technical and system staff do have adequate skills and capacity to handle all Microsoft 365 and Azure back-end enterprise administration tasks.

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