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AUC and UPU Consultancy service research to develop a capacity building program on  operationalization of postal eCommerce platforms.

August 2021, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Business Case:

African postal networks play an important and essential role in Africa’s E-commerce growth and development. The African Union Commission (AUC) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) have been involved in programs to strengthen the operational efficiency of the national postal networks in Africa. This is to enable effective and reliable international exchange of postal items driven by the growth in ecommerce and e-trade and to connect and integrate with other platforms in the region and globally. One such program is eCom@Africa.


The program, eCom@Africa, has been operational in a number of African countries as listed and is currently in implementation guided by the Integrated Postal eCommerce Projects (IPEP) Approach and Methodology.


There are existing challenges with the current implementation and EITI has been tasked to assess current approach, methodology and implementation to devise ways to re-structure to ensure effectiveness and success of the program.

Our Approach and Methodology:

EITI in collaboration with the AUC and UPU will be required to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of the Integrated Postal eCommerce Projects (IPEP) Approach and Methodology.

  • Conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative surveys of countries and partner organizations that are implementing the Ecom@Africa initiative. Identify the issues, assess quality of current services, measure level of government support, assess capacity of current postal systems and document key challenges. The countries are Cote’d’Ivoire, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Egypt.

    • The list of countries includes those that were in the initial scope of the Ecom@Africa initiative but did not sign up to the project. These are Morocco, Cameroon, Kenya and South Africa.

    • Also under consideration will be the countries that have established by their own e-commerce platforms.

  • Make recommendations on an improved IPEP approach and methodology that will ensure optimal implementation and operationalization of eCommerce platforms.

  • Propose a capacity building program on operationalization of African eCommerce postal platforms.


The net-effect of the Research Study Assessment will be the production of the following artifacts:

  • Inception Report

  • Draft Report on Findings, Observations and Recommendations.

  • Final Report


Project currently on-going. Slated to be successfully completed by December 2021.

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